Pest & Termite Inspections

Our pest and termite Inspectors carry out comprehensive visual inspections of all accessible areas for the detection of termite activity/damage, and other associated timber pests in the property.

A detailed report is provided with all findings, including any conducive conditions that may attract future termite activity, high risk areas, and recommendations for treatments and termite management systems.

Our pest inspections utilise Australian Standard recognised tools, such as acoustic sounders and moisture meters. Places that contain moisture like walls and ceiling cavities can attract timber pest activity. The moisture meter detects excessive dampness in these areas.

Our thermal imaging cameras aid with the detection of substantial termite infestation in wall cavities and other areas. View the Termite Heat Map below to see where termites are found in Australia.

Our pest and termite inspection report will contain information regarding the current status of termite activity and any evidence of past termite activity. It will also outline conducive conditions in the home which may attract future activity;

  • Excessive moisture in kitchen cabinets

  • bathroom areas
  • leaking showers
  • Untreated timber in contact with the ground
  • poor drainage around the home
  • inadequate ventilation in sub floor areas

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